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We help companies manage and optimize their telecom, mobile, and cloud environments through best-in-class people, process, and technology.

35% Average Cost Savings

40% Average Time Savings

100% Average Happiness Increase

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We know you have a lot of priorities vying for your attention and pressure to perform. Netlink Control delivers Technology Expense Management (TEM) software and managed services that reduce your costs, save you time, and optimize your environment. And our customers like us. Like, really like us. They breathe easier knowing we've got their backs.

“Since we do not maintain an IT staff of our own, Netlink Control has been invaluable in helping us locate savings that would have otherwise been missed. I recommend their services to anyone that is looking for an expert in the field of telecom.”

Telecom Manager- Institution of Higher Learning

“We have used other TEM companies in the past, but the level of customer service, the attention to detail, and the better understanding of services we receive from Netlink Control far exceeds that of the other companies we have experienced. I would highly recommend them.”

IT Director- Multi-State Wholesaler

“The use of Netlink Control’s invoice approval and bill pay system has streamlined the process of getting bills paid in an accurate and timely manner. We have the ability now for people to review and approve charges at a level not possible before. What once was one of the most complicated processes is now one of the most simple.”

IT Consultant- Regional Healthcare Provider

“Netlink Control has been an invaluable partner over the years. From initial cost cutting analysis & recommendations, to the rigorous demands of having to delivering services to job sites, our results speak for themselves.

CIO- Fortune 500 Construction Co.

“Our organization consists of multiple companies, each with multiple locations, job sites, and approvers that are spread out all over the country. ManagedCentral allows us to efficiently manage all aspects of our services, ensure that our bills are paid accurately and on time, and gets the right data to the right people.”

CIO-Fortune 500 Construction Co.

Unlocking TEM Excellence

If people are the key, you must empower them.


Happy employees = Happy customers

High quality people are the key to successful expense management and happy customers. You can probably look at most issues with your current provider and boil it down to people and effort.

Did they go the extra mile? Did they look at the data? Did they get ahead of the issue or make it a fire drill for you and your company? Did they send a giant spreadsheet with no summary or analysis?

So many issues are avoided with a little bit of common sense and basic accountability to “do right” by our customer.


Single interface to manage all services

Configurable procurement workflow
Global wireline, wireless,
cloud services in one interface
SOC 2 and GDPR
Integrated support
Compatible with most ERP and HRIS platforms
View, allocate, approve,
and pay invoices
Cloud-based SaaS


Process playbook customized to each customer

Leverage technology and integration to optimize delivery

Audit checkpoints of data and processes

People empowered to make decisions, perform quality checks, and communicate

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