One platform. One team.

All of your technology

Meet ManagedCentral, your command center for Technology expenditure and usage. Our platform joins invoice details with diverse data sources, like inventory, HR, and ERP data, to unveil hidden cost-savings opportunities. Our platform, complemented by our team of analysts, uncovers inefficiencies and potential savings while generating comprehensive reports for cost allocation across cost centers, departments, and locations.


should make
life easier.

And that’s exactly what
ManagedCentral does. ​

See all of your global invoices in a centralized, standardized format, whether it's wireline, wireless, cloud, or anything else!

Review, Approve, and Pay allocated costs via configurable and automated workflows

Instant visibility to all your inventory, including what it is, who has it, and where it’s located

Slice and dice the data, and build custom reports whenever you need them

Track all audits, disputes, projects, and tickets within a single interface

Employee self-service portals for device procurement, approval workflow, and MACD fulfillment

We decipher complex bills, streamlining cost allocations, approvals, and bill payments, saving you time while boosting accountability.

Expense Management

Transform your invoice-to-pay
process from high-touch to seamless.


Missing invoice alerts

Reconciled and allocated charges coded for your ERP

Configurable approval workflows and custom invoices

Bill payment and tracking


Vendor contract management and term tracking

Support for domestic and international vendors

Contract negotiation support

Audit & Optimization

Pound for pound, our most valued service.

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure, services, contracts, and expenses

Offer insightful recommendations, complete with anticipated savings estimates upon implementation

Deliver monthly invoice audit and analysis for all domestic and international vendors

Initiate changes and disputes with the vendors

Identify cost-savings opportunities

Over- and under-utilized services

Active services at closed locations

Terminated employees with active services

Procure & Deploy

Effortless procurement. Streamlined deployment.

Full mobile device lifecycle management and logistics:



Kitting &

Buyback &

Asset Management

DO You

We can help manage inventory for all your technology.

What do you have?

Who does it belong to?

Where is it located?

How long have you had it?

Is it still

What are its attributes?

What's its disposition?

Who's the vendor?

Do we still
need it?

Tier 1 Wireline Support

Don’t let service outages waste your day.
Concierge support at your fingertips.

Trouble tickets worked within 15 minutes (during business hours)

Constant communication with your vendors

Issues managed through resolution

Schedule site visits directly with site managers

Custom SLAs to fit your needs